The Young People’s Choir (YPC) at the Church of God of Chicago is a group of talented young singers who are excited about serving God. Established in the mid-eighties, the YPC provides a positive, encouraging environment where members gather together to sing and have fellowship. Many of the YPC members were raised in the church and have made a decision to live for God for themselves. They are serious about their dedication to God and to spreading the good news of Jesus Christ in song.

Although we sometimes sing with music, the YPC is primarily an a cappella choir. Therefore, we spend a lot of time on vocal training during choir rehearsals; stressing the importance of singing correctly, enunciating song lyrics, and creating beautiful harmonies. However, while we recognize the importance of “sounding good”, we realize that our main objective is to sing songs, under the anointing of the Holy Ghost, that uplift, challenge, and inspire us and our listeners to seek a deeper walk with Christ.

The YPC sings during morning and evening services on the second Sunday of every month and also during other services, when requested. We also travel, on occasion, to other congregations throughout the U.S. to sing the praises of our Lord. Recently, we traveled to New York, where we recorded our third CD.

In order to join the YPC, individuals must be saved from sin (living sin-free lives); must have a genuine love for God and a desire to go deeper in Him; and must have some level of singing ability.

Our mission statement is: Ministering to the world and God's people with inspiration, spirituality, experience and above all a sincere profession of faith, for the furthering of God's kingdom.