Melissa Hall (Director)
Corrie Adams (Assistant Director) and Myisha Adams
Etoya Johnson
James & Tiarra Brown
Larry Murphy
Shante Burkins

The YEC (Youth Educational Connection) is a group of young adults who are passionate about serving the needs of their local youth. We specialize in event planning that is geared toward educational and recreational opportunities, as well as encouraging and motivating young people to better themselves, while preparing for their future.

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Our Objectives are to...

  1. Bridge the gap between the saved and unsaved
    a. Show the human side of being saved - Being a Christian doesn't take away from ones humanity
    b. Facilitate an environment where young people can connect with each other on a natural level
  2. Provide a balance
    a. Academic, spiritual, physical and emotional wellness
  3. Strengthen youth’s opinions of self and others
    a. Teach the importance of self love
    b. Teach importance of respecting others similarities and differences
  4. Expand horizons
    a. Provide opportunities to learn and explore new things and people
  5. Examine the world and youth issues
    a. Coping with and understanding life's problem
    b. Offer a Christian perspective on our world

Past Events include: Annual Graduation Celebration, Career Day, Purity Workshop, Rummage Sale, Family Fun Day (volleyball, tennis, basketball), Game Day (board & video games), Nacho Fundraiser.