Married Couples Retreat coordinators Ben and Marilyn Ware
Camp directors Rick and Barbara Sanchez
Brother's Retreat 2011
Photos and Artwork by Gloria Pearson
Busy Bees Spring Cooking
Taking it to the Streets 2011!
Retreats / Classes

Marriage Classes and Retreat

Marriage classes enhances the lives of husband and wives and those who are preparing for marriage. They meet weekly and couples share their experiences and knowledge through the Word of God, support one another through prayer, and find enjoyment and relaxation at retreats. This tremendous study of life strengthens couples to be soul mates for life.

Men's Retreat

Sometimes we just need to get away! Period! We need refueling, mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually. Our men’s retreat provides an environment to spend time with God. It is an informal time of fellowship, inspiration, recreation, and dedication. A time to regroup in a relaxed and peaceful setting, enjoying Biblical teaching targeting the issues men face today.

Enjoy lots of activities like fishing, horseback riding, hiking, bike riding (bring your own bike) and swimming. Competitive recreations - basketball, foosball, football, softball, bowling, miniature golf, volleyball, horseshoes, chess matches and ping pong. Enjoy the lake, read a book or simply take a nap.

Women's Retreat

It's good to get out of yourself and have a good time in the Lord. Sometimes we are so tightly wound up in the daily stress of life, we allow opportunities to "let go" pass us by. That's why the Women's Retreats are great weekends of fun and spiritual building that enable us to return to everyday life as new creatures for the Lord. The Lord has been blessing us each year! The worship services and breakout sessions are developed along a specific theme regarding our walk with God that will help us give our best to the Master. The rules are to relax, unwind...leave your problems and cares behind.

We've been blessed to enjoy freshwater lakeside Christian resorts that provide wholesome indoor and outdoor activities. Morning trail walks and evening water aerobic classes are featured activities. Fill in the weekend with togetherness activities like scrap booking, wall climbing, indoor track and gym, outdoor sports, games, private swimming in an Olympic-size pool, boat tours... and onsite spa services to add a touch of aahhh!

Youth Camp

Provides wholesome, fun recreation for boys and girls. Campers learn various values and principles of life through plays, team building games and situations. These games teach team spirit, as well as instruct the children on how to be responsible individuals. They learn in the process that God has a plan for each of their lives.

Senior's Dinner/Breakfast

The Senior's Dinner is held in honor of our beloved Senior saints. At the last dinner, in addition to our Pastor Ricky Dukes and wife Sis Seneca, Elder Banks and wife Sis Gwen, we were honored to have Elder William Johnson, Pastor of the Church of God, Kalamazoo, MI and wife, Sis. Rhoda. We also had guests from the 44th Street Church of God to join us in this event.

Junior Church

Our friendly staff are volunteers who are a vital part of this ministry. They use relevant and exciting teaching resources, which is a proven foundation for the spiritual growth of the coming generation.

New B's Class

The New B's class meets each Friday evening at 6:00 PM. The class provides a venue to help meet the specific spiritual needs of babes in Christ, and gives vital direction to assist them in becoming established in the Word of God.

Health Seminars and Classes

We all realize the importance of maintaining our health. Learn with us at our health and wellness classes, as we explore healing and the whole being through diet, physical activity, healthy lifestyle, meditation and prayer.

Career Workshops

Get special tips for success! Professional speakers provide mock interviews, career tips and answer your questions about moving up in the corporate world. Come and get an expert opinion on your interview techniques. Watch our events page for upcomming Career Workshops.

Vacation Bible School

A week-long program for children and young adults, of spiritually-guided education. Our program may include arts and crafts, bible stories, song, picnics and other activities your children will enjoy. Stay tuned to our events page for the next VBS schedule.

Busy Bees

Busy Bees offers craft and activity classes to girls between the ages of 5 and 15. Through these classes Busy Bees promotes positive social interactions through group projects and individual activities that allow for personal creativity. Within the classes girls acquire important life skills and are educated about a wide range of topics including proper hygiene, nutrition, and etiquette. We also offer field trips which provide diverse cultural experiences. Busy Bees strives to help girls build a positive self image and provides an opportunity for them to find their creative niche. See our facebook page

Convelescent / Nursing Homes

Our Convalescent and Nursing Home ministry frequent these facilities on a regular basis. The love of God is communicated through worship services that include song, prayer, testimonies and the Word of God. Facilities we visit include the Crestwood Care Centre and the Columbus Park Nursing Center.

Street Ministries

Go out into the highways and hedges, and compel them to come in, that my house may be filled.   Luke 14:23

"Street meeting" or "open air meeting" is a traditional practice we still utilize today. The Book of Acts gives account of the Church going into all the world and preaching the gospel as Jesus commanded. We understand that everyone will not "go to church" so we bring church to them by way of tract distribution, songs, testimonies and a word from the Lord.

Rockford Illinois Bible Study

The Rockford, Illinois Bible Study was first established in 1994 by Lattimore Pearson III. During that time, many people have come through our doors, and some had given their life unto to Lord. To date, the Rockford, Illinois Bible Study is still being held at 6:00 PM on Wednesday evenings.