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I love them that love me; and those that seek me early shall find me.    Proverbs 8:17


11.5.2018 - NC requests:
Abba Father I know YOU hear me because YOU are a all knowing and seeing God. I am concerned for my small children's safety, Lord they do not know how to protect or pray for themselves I am asking YOU to go to bat on their behalf. Father God YOU said in YOUR holy word to give justice to the weak and the fatherless; maintain the right of the afflicted and the destitute. Rescue the weak and the needy; deliver them from the hand of the wicked and I trust YOU will do just this for my children I put it all in YOUR hands because YOUR perfect and wisdom and knowledge and do all things well protect heal and provide for these little ones You've trusted in my hands in Jesus name I pray Amen be with us on this day, everyday, and these matters that are on my heart hallelujah and it is so. In Jesus name amen.

10.24.2018 - NSC requests:
It's me oh Lord standing in the need of prayer. Lord give me wisdom in this matter and handle it as Christ would. Let me not get entangled in sin or try to handle it on my own. Let me be truthful and send only those who you've given divine authority to give expertise. Let me not get vengeful or spiteful, but truthful seeking to resolve this matter that my daughter may go on in peace and be restored hallelujah and it is so. Please please earnestly pray with me saints.

10.7.2018 - Anonymous requests:
I asked my childrens father to leave our home. We both need to be saved. Hes a great provider. I'm prayering God lead me in the way I should go and that He'd make all things well conerning my children their Father and me. Although I am filled with saddness not knowing exactly of I did the right thing I have hope God will make all things well. Lead guide and protect us oh Jesus Amen.

9.26.2018 - Anonymous requests:
I feel anxiousness rising up. I purchased a new car on a dime because my other vehicle was not safe for my children and me to ride in. I am having a few issues with the vehicle. I pray the dealership is compliant in getting these issues resolved quickly and I don't have to juggle my schedule anymore than I have to already. If not just giving me my money and starting over with a fresh purchase where the vehicle won't have any issues so soon. Help Lord, in King Jesus' name I pray amen.

9.25.2018 - Anonymous requests:
Prayers for Adrian. This student it really trying hard and has a stumbling block after stumbling block trying to complete his education. His uncle passed I believe last night and he mentioned he doesn't think he's can finish his assignment that will be due soon. I pray the Lord give him the wisdom and strength to complete this assignment and carry on good terms in his program. I also pray that his teachers will have mercy on him and extend deadlines if need be. He's working hard at reaching his goals. Praying his strength in the Lord and for his salvation if he's not saved in Jesus name amen.

9.19.2018 - Anonymous requests:
I feel the Lord leading me to go back to school. I pray that He give me wisdom on how to be prepared mentally, financially, and that the benefits far outweigh the toils in the long run. I pray that He keep my children in me covered with food, and shelter, and strengthen me to continue working throughout the process. I pray for balance, I pray for provision. Hallelujah.

9.18.2018 - Anonymous requests:
Praying for a friend whose going to the clinic with her dad today, please pray with her that he won’t need surgery. In King Jesus' name amen.

9.4.2018 - Anonymous requests:
Daughter picked up virus from daycare, I'm home with her. Already having turbulence at work...Praying I can get through my job until the end of November to get my biggest reward of the years I've invested, nevertheless God's will be done. I'm thankful for the blessings and benefits I've received thus far and know the plans You have for me Father are good. Thanks for praying.

8.30.2018 - NC requests:
Lord I know what I have to do now so let me do without murmuring and complaining. Give me wisdom give me grace as I move forward in this situation. Strengthen me, keep me calm and direct my steps in the way I should go. Let me speak with whom I should speak to. Let me not be a dramatic mess, but lead me to the steps I should take. Deliver us Abba Father. I pray for peace on the job. I pray you are covering and protecting my children at this hour. I am sorrowful. I need to be delivered in King Jesus’ name I pray after this YOU strengthen me to go on in YOUR righteousness in King Yeshua’s name I pray amen.

8.7.2018 - Anonymous requests:
Prayers for strength as I'm about to go forth with a very sensitive case I'm praying for protection for my children & me that this may b the beginning of great things n Christ for us I am also praying that my phone is located for information purposes and precious memories of my dear children. I pray that Abba Father direct my steps that we are miles ahead of the enemy & that He continue to build walls of protection that the enemy can do no more harm, physically emotionally, or spiritually. Let his and his demons devices come to naught, every single scheme, in Jesus name Amen!

7.26.2018 - Anonymous requests:
Having trouble with daycare payments. Praying for long term relief that I may be able to assist my children financially and them be safe while I am doing so. I pray for their day at daycare that God give their caregivers wisdom and to serve them and the other children with gladness and love in Jesus name. Lord give me wisdom and grace on how to care for them emotionally, physically and financially in Jesus name. I pray the Lord keeps his Holy hands on us and I am soo very thankful for all YOU'VE done already Abba Father.

7.20.2018 - Anonymous requests:
So many matters on the heart this morning. Lord I need YOU to bring peace on earth for my children and me. Thou has prepared a table for those who call on YOU. Cover my children on this day and everyday in Jesus name. Strengthen me in YOU, hallelujah. Amen.

7.13.2018 - Christy requests:
I just want to ask for prayer , I am newly saved two weeks and counting , I am new to this feeling and I need prayer to remain encouraged and in God’s light , I work a job that is demanding and have family that are facing health problems and are also in need . I realize I am not able to get out to services like I would want to and the devil is trying to make me feel low but God just reminded me I am his child and he knows my heart and he is with me and I don’t need to answer to anyone but him . I love the lord and the relationship I am building with him in salvation . I’m thankful to be saved in Jesus name amen

5.31.2018 - IH requests:
I have a burden for my two year old my heart is grieved I need the Lord to take over this situation and act on her behalf speedily. I pray I remain prayerful calm and give her all the love I have in my body that she may go on in her life and do great things in Jesus name I pray Amen

5.23.2018 - NC requests:
Every time I've prayed on this form my prayers have been answered. Lord it's me again, do it for me, do it for me right now. I know YOU'RE able to do exceedingly abundantly all that I can ask or think. Bless my children and me with a peaceful life, and continue supplying all our needs protecting us from any demon that comes to cause havoc in our lives. Deliver in this situation like only YOU know how Abba. Please pray for my children and me saints.

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Answered Prayer

10.8.2018 - states:
I asked for prayer for a student 9.25.18. I have seen him numerous of times, upbeat and seems to be on track with his classes. Thanks for praying for him saints.

8.13.2018 - states:
Thank you for your prayers (8.7.2018) my phone was located and back into my hands, went forth with trying to protect my children, thanking the Lord for strengthening me during this difficult time. It is well with my soul!

1.5.2018 - states:
I asked for prayer 10/18/17 for a larger place for my family. Our prayers were answered November 2017 we moved in December 2017. It has met all of our needs. Thank you Saints for praying.

5.22.2017 - NC states:
I asked for prayer concerning a family trip that my family was to go on 4/26. Thank you for your prayers the trip went smoothly!

5.2.2017 - states:
Hello again I Thank God for my Life my desire is to do do better.I have been going through with a Situation been separate from my Husband with abuse physically and mentally . please pray for me.Thanks

4.5.2017 - states:
I've been praying and asking for prayer for the restoration of my family. The Lord has been working on our behalf. I pray that God will continue to strengthen our union and continue to strengthen us against all strongholds that threaten our union in Jesus name Amen. Thanks YOU Lord for all YOU'VE done and continue to do in this matter and thank you saints for your prayers. Amen.

3.15.2017 - NSC states:
Started out praying for my family a few weeks back.The last request was that today in specific would run smoothly as I was running on fumes. Thank you for your prayers today was a better day. Will you continue to pray for us there’s power in praying in unity. I thought I was at my wits end yesterday but yet God has extended HIS grace and what looked unconquerable God conquered. I pray that things continue to get better. I have faith. Most of all praying for my baby girl that she may live the best life possible on this side of heaven. I pray for the reuniting of my family, God's will be done.

2.22.2017 - states:
It's kind of hard giving up praying for someone when you've been prayed for over and over. Praying for IA that the Lord our God give him a mind to be saved, let every spirit of distraction be rooted out of him that he turns his heart back to seeking God and leading this family in Jesus name I pray Amen.

5.20.2016 - sandra dureke states:
Please pray for my aunt Sis. Mary Boyd and her daughter Angel. That the Lord will strengthen them and sustain them through their grief in losing family members, close members

12.31.2014 - states:
I asked for prayer 10/14/14 that my husband find work. Glory be to God! His 1st day of work was 11/11/14. Thank you Pastor Dukes and Saints for taking the time to pray with us!

1.8.2014 - states:
I apologize Saints. I asked for prayer 10.4.2013 for a position I was being considered for. God blessed!! Great benefits great people. Obedience and prayer still work Saints. Thank you Pastor Dukes and Saints for praying with me!

6.11.2012 - Brother Tim Edgerton states:
Thank god for blessing me in the revival and the fellowship meeting, that have brought me closter to god.

6.2.2011 - Open Heart states:
thank you for your prayers i really believe God has pointed me in the right direction to honor my request.

6.1.2011 - Anonymous states:
God Has Blessed The Revival.Thank You

5.30.2011 - Ms BKB states:
The revival and fellowship meeting was everything I thought it would be and MORE!!! I really believe I've gotten closer to God!!! Please continue to pray for me.

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