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I love them that love me; and those that seek me early shall find me.    Proverbs 8:17


1.13.2018 - sheila lawson requests:
i am praying for a better car to get around

11.11.2017 - Christy C. requests:
I have been lost for sometime and I am tired of living this life, i am asking for strength to guide me closer to God .

10.18.2017 - Anonymous requests:
I am praying for a larger home for my family and myself. I am also praying for each of our souls and that we'd find a church home in our area. God speed, in Jesus name Amen. Thanks for praying with us saints.

10.10.2017 - ShiJuana Katrice Baker requests:
Just asking for prayer. That God would reclaim my heart and give me salvation.

10.9.2017 - Anonymous requests:
Please pray for me I am a sinner and feeling hopeless. You would be surprised if you knew my name, I used to go there many years ago and know some of you from my childhood. I feel lost; I need salvation.

9.6.2017 - Anonymous requests:
Lord YOU said to pray without ceasing. Lord if YOU will, I'm coming to YOU asking if YOU'LL make a way for us out of this situation. Cover my children and me as I try to, with YOUR wisdom, mercy, and grace, make a healthy life for us. In Jesus name I pray, show me what to do tell me what to say lead us and guide us into Canaan land in Jesus name I pray, amen.

8.30.2017 - Anonymous requests:
Lord lead me through this storm let me come out on the other side with a testimony. God arise and let my enemies be scattered. I just want to raise my children in the holy way. Lord provide for us, build a fence around us that no evil will prevail. The blood of Jesus on the post of my heart Lord let destruction pass over my children and me in Jesus name I pray Amen.

8.21.2017 - Anonymous requests:
I am dealing with the fruit of my sin. I pray that God have mercy on me and spare my children of the consequences. Lord- I pray that I keep my mind stayed on Thee and that YOU give me the strength and courage to never turn back. In Jesus Christ holy name I pray, Amen.

8.14.2017 - NSC requests:
God just released me from a toxic relationship. There are children involved now. In a way I feel relieved in a way i feel overwhelmed. I need prayer and to be delivered once and all from sin. Blessed are they that mourn. Have mercy, bless me with your saints.

7.14.2017 - NSC requests:
Praying for guidance and patience.

5.29.2017 - KATHLEEN WATSON requests:
place Sadie Harris on your prayer list, she has been a member of the church for 30 plus years..Shee need your prayer...She misses her church and her THURS. am prayer.

5.23.2017 - Anonymous requests:
Lord you said to pray without ceasing, I am praying for for my daughter's and me that the Lord will take us in His loving arms and guide us to safety I pray for peace and protection over our lives. I pray that any enemy that makes a makes a mockery out of division hurt, and chaos be put to shame in the name of Jesus Lord I know YOU love us and all things will work together for our good we thank you in advanced Praying over my family that my children are safe from harm and unfamiliar spirits be rerouted into the very pits of hell far away from us I plead the blood of Jesus over us Hallelujah! Let trouble pass us in Jesus name I pray Amen.

5.22.2017 - Anonymous requests:
God is not the author of confusion, I prayed and prayed for the unity of my family. I gradually abandoned prayer as it's been so rocky and I don't want to pray for anything God doesn't approve of. It hurts because I really desired my family but nevertheless I know God knows what's best for me. Lord give me wisdom on how to proceed my faith ultimately relies in YOU and I want to be right with YOU let me not desire anything that will keep me from what YOUR desires in Jesus name I pray, Amen.

5.1.2017 - I want to Stay Safe and Saved requests:
Hello I would like if the Saints Pray for my Spiritual life as well for my Natural Life I need God to Touch my Life in regarding my marriage I'm separated because of the abuse physically and mentally Please that I move on with my life without him if it's God will.There a lot of details that I didn't discuss.So Help me Pray for Situations.Thank You.

4.26.2017 - Anonymous requests:
Praying for my family's union to be strengthen & for a trip that we're to go on the coming week, for peace unity and love. & my daughter has memories to look back on to know she's loved I pray for growth in our spirits that the holy spirit will take over and lead us to safety in the spiritual as well as natural I pray that our days not go in vain and the reality of what's at stake and of importance ALWAYS overshadow any threat to our untiy & God shows me how to lead in love & let my objective always be pure, Praying IAH be drawn to our Lord Savior Jesus in a might way.

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Answered Prayer

1.5.2018 - states:
I asked for prayer 10/18/17 for a larger place for my family. Our prayers were answered November 2017 we moved in December 2017. It has met all of our needs. Thank you Saints for praying.

5.22.2017 - NC states:
I asked for prayer concerning a family trip that my family was to go on 4/26. Thank you for your prayers the trip went smoothly!

5.2.2017 - states:
Hello again I Thank God for my Life my desire is to do do better.I have been going through with a Situation been separate from my Husband with abuse physically and mentally . please pray for me.Thanks

4.5.2017 - states:
I've been praying and asking for prayer for the restoration of my family. The Lord has been working on our behalf. I pray that God will continue to strengthen our union and continue to strengthen us against all strongholds that threaten our union in Jesus name Amen. Thanks YOU Lord for all YOU'VE done and continue to do in this matter and thank you saints for your prayers. Amen.

3.15.2017 - NSC states:
Started out praying for my family a few weeks back.The last request was that today in specific would run smoothly as I was running on fumes. Thank you for your prayers today was a better day. Will you continue to pray for us there’s power in praying in unity. I thought I was at my wits end yesterday but yet God has extended HIS grace and what looked unconquerable God conquered. I pray that things continue to get better. I have faith. Most of all praying for my baby girl that she may live the best life possible on this side of heaven. I pray for the reuniting of my family, God's will be done.

2.22.2017 - states:
It's kind of hard giving up praying for someone when you've been prayed for over and over. Praying for IA that the Lord our God give him a mind to be saved, let every spirit of distraction be rooted out of him that he turns his heart back to seeking God and leading this family in Jesus name I pray Amen.

5.20.2016 - sandra dureke states:
Please pray for my aunt Sis. Mary Boyd and her daughter Angel. That the Lord will strengthen them and sustain them through their grief in losing family members, close members

12.31.2014 - states:
I asked for prayer 10/14/14 that my husband find work. Glory be to God! His 1st day of work was 11/11/14. Thank you Pastor Dukes and Saints for taking the time to pray with us!

1.8.2014 - states:
I apologize Saints. I asked for prayer 10.4.2013 for a position I was being considered for. God blessed!! Great benefits great people. Obedience and prayer still work Saints. Thank you Pastor Dukes and Saints for praying with me!

6.11.2012 - Brother Tim Edgerton states:
Thank god for blessing me in the revival and the fellowship meeting, that have brought me closter to god.

6.2.2011 - Open Heart states:
thank you for your prayers i really believe God has pointed me in the right direction to honor my request.

6.1.2011 - Anonymous states:
God Has Blessed The Revival.Thank You

5.30.2011 - Ms BKB states:
The revival and fellowship meeting was everything I thought it would be and MORE!!! I really believe I've gotten closer to God!!! Please continue to pray for me.

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