The Gate
by Chris Webb
performed by Mikayla Adams

It's over now
There's no more purpose for my lungs 'cos I'm not breathing
If I thought that I was still alive, then I think I was dreaming
I just left the earth; my soul escaped my body now
I'm dead and I'm rising into the heavens to find out what lies ahead
This life is over and my time is done on earth
There's no more stressing
I'm about to meet the one that gave me all my life and blessings

Now is time to hear His voice, and it's time to feel His embrace
And the set time to meet my God and now's time to see His face

I'm at the gate and I don't wanna wait I wanna see my savior, Amma feel His presence
Have His safety embedded in His favor

They open up the gates, and sunlight dances through the entrance
If I was alive I'd passed out from the beauty of his presence

I can sense Him all around me; I can feel Him in every place
He's here I feel it; But that's not enough
I wanna see His face

They close the gate as I walk in
Now any memories are useless; any outfit of this are worthless
Cos no other can produce this
So much colour; So much life and wind and sun and love and music
So much happiness
God loves us and this paradise can prove it

...oh where's he at though
I just wanna see His face, so I'll be around it
I'm walking in the street of gold; but I ain't got my crown yet

I feel something, I turn around
And I catch eyes with His; Now I've never seen Him before
I but I still know who it is.
Right now I'm face to face with Jesus looking God right in the eye
Immediately I bowed and if I was alive I would have cried

Now God was always right beside me
but I see him, I can touch Him
I'll exalt him, amma praise Him, magnify Him cos I love Him

I'll say you're my King; This happiness can not be doubled

You're my Rock, my life, my ever present help in time of trouble And I love you, God I love you, for eternity I'll show you.

But he looks at me in the eye and whispers
Do I know you?

Do you know me?
Yeah... You made me!
I was in church every service

But he tells me Church without applying what you learnt is worthless But I was a choir member
I praised you with poems and acting

And he says he checked the book of life and my name was absent and I'm laughin' like, there must be a mistake. I just won't hear it

And He says I praised Him; but I didn't have Him in my spirit
I can't bear it; Lord I thought I gave you praise wholeheartedly

But then he turns his head away; and then he says depart from me

I start to scream, but it was too late
Immediately I feel the flame, and I'm ashamed
It's me to blame. I could have stopped all of this pain
Life ended like this for me; this aint how I wanted it to conclude.

That's why
In real life there won't be
but don't let this be your future
You may be go to church; but "man" you gotta live it
Don't be two-faced; don't be Hippocrates...
Guys don't be dogs and Ladies don't be loosed girls

We ain't got no time, so right now drop the games
and lift your hands and let him in before it ends
Just praise Him while we have the chance

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