by Jose Lopez

“Thank God for His mercies and salvation!" I start every testimony with those words because this thing is real. What Jesus did, out of love, is personal to me. It's deep. I grew up in the Church of God since the age of 2. I sang the songs, read the stories and heard the testimonies. But I reached an age where none of those things mattered to me. I left Church and my home as a young man to experience "life." All I wanted to do was fulfill the lust of the flesh, party and get high. And all I did was find trouble. I experienced near life-and-death moments. I got so deep into sin, I remember walking into the restroom one day and not recognizing myself in the mirror. I must have been so high on drugs, I was lost. I needed help but I couldn't even bring myself together to look for help.

But thank God for His mercies and salvation! By the grace of God I felt conviction. Not the type where you feel bad because you hurt someone, or because you got caught and now face the consequences. This was deeper than that when God dealt with me. All the wrong I did haunted me. I felt such a heaviness and sorrow. I feared for my soul. I went to sleep that night begging for mercy. The following day was Sunday so I went to Church and as the Pastor started to preach that heaviness broke me. I cried to God throughout the whole message, asking for forgiveness. When the altar call came, I remember walking up to the Pastor and saying, "I'm done."

God saved my soul! He delivered me from all those things that were killing me. Instantly! I had no desire to drink, do drugs, lust, fornicate, fight,…. The desire was gone. All of it! Temptations still come, but the grace of God gives me the strength to overcome. I know I can't do these things on my own. I didn't even want to at one point! That's the crazy part! But God showed mercy! That's how I know this thing is real. What Jesus did is personal to me. He saved my life and He saved my soul. I now have a beautiful wife and two beautiful daughters. God blessed me with a job to provide for my family. He's given me a home. It's been a great change and I owe it all to Him. As life goes on, I'm convinced Jesus lives and salvation is real! Thank God!

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05.18.2021 - Bro. Nihiem says:
Amen brother! Thank God for his mercy, his saving power, and your life!

05.14.2021 - Sis Sharon says:
What an awesome testimony! Thank you for sharing! Tell it over and over

05.14.2021 - Sis Kathy Hardney says:
Yes I pray more Church of God children come back to the fold. God offers life and peace!

05.13.2021 - Sis. Brooks says:
Thank God for mercy!!

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