A Better Way
by Willa Dunn

While before we'd celebrate; movies, wine and such things
Now each year we rejoice in the joys salvation brings
Before, we'd deceive, for access to worldly pleasures
Now our soul is satisfied with more eternal treasures

When before, if we'd reflect, we'd find nothing much new
Nothing substantial accomplished for the year we'd gone through
But abiding in Jesus, we can truly look and say
We've gained wisdom, knowledge and direction for each passing day
And as we got older, trying to hide the years
Flashy clothing, nose jobs, dyes and lies, because of worldly fears

But God has shown us a better way; we're glad and never hide
The years that's brought us strength, stability, and closer to his side
For God has promised for all who would see,
As thy days, so shall thy strength be.

And we no longer need brood, in disappointment and tears
In sorrows and distresses, with the added on years
Neither dreading tomorrow, and what it may bring
For with Christ in our lives, this song we may sing
Our past is behind us, and our future is bright
For our pathway is lit by a never-ending light.

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11.04.2016 - Sis. L. Brooks says:
Amen! This echoes my sentiments exactly.

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