My Testimony
by Cilia Flores

"There's no reason why you can't sell all ten tickets for my ordination service. Some of you don't have answered prayers right now because you're not willing to sow into the man of God!"

"We're all sinners. We can't help it. We just do our best, and Christ died to take care of the rest."

Whether it was guilt-evoking judgment or flesh soothing half-truths, I could never quite find what my soul was longing for. From one church to the next, I was seeking what I always knew existed. As a child I remember reading the Bible and praying. I remember the completeness I felt. Yet somehow, in my adult years, that same completion seemed to be elusive. As much as I tried to immerse myself in God at work, my sins were waiting for me when I got off. I sat at my work computer, listening to Christian podcasts. I was at a crossroads. Maybe God wasn't interested in someone like me.

I overheard some commotion in the break room and peeked over to find a debate about whether or not you could be saved and steal. A few people said it was possible, "They just messed up." "They're a work in progress." Another person was saying something different. "Saved people don't commit willful sin. The Bible says don't sin, and stealing is sin. God gives us grace not to sin."

That was it!!! That was the conversation that led me to what I had been searching for. I began to ask questions and came out to service and heard the true, unadulterated Gospel. I learned things and heard parts of the Bible I had never heard before. Little did I know, while I was searching, God was leading me to where He wanted me to be.

God saved me in the hallway at work and since then, He's been nothing but good to me. He's been my teacher, my protector, my confidant, my counselor, my comforter, my Father and so much more. He has changed my life for the better. I've had some tough times. Some of them I created; others were just part of life, but God has always been what He promised to be ... THERE - every step of the way!

If you are not saved, give God a try. He can fill any void. He can fix any situation. He is the best friend you could ask for. I can't imagine my life without Him, and I'm sure if you get a taste, you'll feel the same way!

"I've tried the road of sin and found
Its prospects all deceive;
I've proved the Lord, and joys abound,
More than I could believe."

~Happy In the Lord

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