Satan Wants Us Back
by Vernon L. Coleman

Oh Saints, remember how the devil did us so wrong;
But God saved us and put in our hearts a brand new song.
We ran for our lives certainly fearing to look back;
We make sure our prayer lives is tight, not allowing any slack.

We pass out tracts, no services will find us absent;
Our praise to the Lord is never less than constant.
God's word is always a joy for us to hear;
Our love of God is only surpassed by our fear.

While once we were members of Satan's doomed ranks;
We praise God now to be free, to him we owe thanks.
Yes, Saints, we went from doomed to miraculously delivered;
Thank God, Satan's plan for us divinely got altered.

But Saints, ever wonder why Satan presses us sore;
It's because in hell he knows there's room for one more.
He wants us back so he mocks us when we are tried;
He tells us we're not saved, no longer Christ's dear bride.

He tells us it doesn't take all that, ease up a little bit;
But he knows if we ease up, soon after we will quit.
He tries to tell us, "Come back, you're missing all the fun."
But looking back is what Lot's wife never should have done.

Saints, let's encourage and pray earnestly for each other;
Remember that in Jesus we can always go further.
Let's follow Church of God teaching down to the letter;
It's only going to help our experience with God get that much better.

So, Saints, pray for this poet as I expose that devil;
No Satan! We refuse to go back and stoop to your level.
Pastor Gordon, Elder Dugger and the Saints of old;
Are pulling for us because eternity is right on the threshold.

So yes, Saints, the devil has put a target on our backs;
But the Blood of the Lamb protects us from his attacks.
Remember, no weapon formed against us shall prosper;
So let's be sure to stay under the blood, my sister, my brother.

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