Today, I Choose
by Evette Ratliff

The tears that I have cried while being saved are more precious to me than the laughter and smiles I had in sin.
Yesterday is gone, and tomorrow may never be mine, but "Today I Choose"

Today I choose to suffer affliction with the people of God rather than to enjoy the pleasures of sin for a season

For a season was all it took for me to be entangled in sin, no more having peace within; broken down and trod not just mentally, but physically; all the while I knew the devil was killing me.

Killing me slowly but surely, and surely it was because I turned my back on God. Now in sin did I lodge no longer a soldier for God but a crucifier of Christ; stepping on the blood of Jesus Christ the same blood he shed just for me; taking back my old life:

Lying, cheating, stealing, creeping, fornication, misleading, hatred; for you see, I allowed the devil to make my old life more appealing to me. I went back to my old vomit. All that made me sick before, I thought now, I could stomach.

See I was in over my head, but praise be to God I'm not dead cuz all the sin I found myself involved in was way too much to stomach; finding myself sick to my stomach, hurtin' in my soul going farther than I wanted to go, but I had no control.

Yes, like others bound in sin I tried to control myself but who was I fooling? The devil was the one runnin' it. He is sins head teacher, but I called myself schoolin' him.

I found in sin that the devil is out for keeps. Out for keeps for those who from God go astray; he'll play whatever song you wanna hear just to lead you his way. Using whatever he can to lure you just so in the end he can make hell your dwelling place.

You See, it's not a playful thing to go back on God; the one who comforted you when things got hard or who dried your tears when you were left with scars or who healed your body when sin left you for dead or even who made a way out of no way when those last rights were read.

See I can go on and on as to why I shouldn't have left God; left God? When God should have left me; left me for dead because of my stubborn ways, but God, God in his eminent mercy saw that I would be of no use to him in my grave.

So today I strive. Striving to be all that God is calling for me to be. Now holding on so tight to the one who saved me. Realizing that without God life is mere vanity. So I maintain my grasp of Gods hand cuz I don't wanna go back to the old me. For you see there's been a change in me. Thank God I'm not the one I use to be.

So now when things get hard I fall on my knees and I look to God. I look to God for that's where my help comes from; from the one who gave his only begotten son just for me a wretched one.

Realizing how undeserving I am, I choose now to follow God's perfect plan. God's perfect plan now includes me. One song says "If not for your grace where would I be?".

So today I choose life rather than death. Today I choose peace, peace by allowing God to guide my footsteps; looking more to God and less to others. For my crown of life, I choose to suffer.

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07.03.2019 - Sis. Brooks says:
Very well said!

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