by Lenora Brooks

If I could go back in time
All the words I said in haste
Payment owed I would not face
Like pencil marks, I’d erase
If I could go back in time.

If I could rewind my days
I’d edit out tears I caused
Overlooking minor flaws
Slow the action, pressing pause
If I could rewind my days.

“I’m sorry; Please forgive me . . .”
Can those words wipe the slate clean?
Do they more myself demean?
Can they cleanse a heart unseen?
Actions speak louder than words!

But I can redeem the time!
If words can hurt, they can heal
Choosing life is in my will
Quieting self, standing still
I can do the will of God

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11.05.2016 - wd says:
Might we all be so reflective, that we might learn and grow...

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