Thank God For The Church

Start Date:   May 9, 2020
Start Time:   7 PM
Place:  Periscope:

I've witnessed many of you endure difficult situations and this present distress is a trial like none other. I see those who have overcome tragedies, financial adversity, and loss of loved ones.

You're staying strong in faith and I’m encouraged by your endurance. I see those newly saved, wanting to be involved, bringing hope for the future of the congregation.

I thank God for the love, care and follow-up by this congregation during these two months of shut-in caused by this virus. We are a family... a family that doesn’t abandon one another in crisis.

I love what you do Church! Because of you, I don’t collapse beneath the weight of it all.

The ministers, convert and sick committees, media team, community outreaches, security, DLC staff; and the many others, who are willing to work behind the scenes, help bear the heavy load.

I’m amazed at those who don’t flinch in the face of sacrifice to serve in ministries and in their own personal ways to help others.

When there’s a need, you are there — making visits, accepting tasks to bless families, delivering meals, checking on, encouraging, and praying for one another.

I thank God for the maturity of this congregation. You give... to keep the church fiscally secure. You have deep roots and not easily moved.

You are ESSENTIAL. Your prayers and labor are essential. Church, during these tough times, you are still faithful, joyful and vital... continue to let your light so shine.

Pastor Ricky Dukes
Church of God, Chicago